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Kitsap Building Association

We Build Kitsap

Why Join Kitsap Building Association?

KBA Mission:

The Kitsap Building Association is an association of professional builders, subcontractors, service providers and purveyors representing the construction industry. The association provides information, education, and services that promote the health and welfare of the construction industry.

Our Association Seeks:

To remain a proactive and positive influence in the legislative, regulatory, and civic arenas as we advocate for the building industry.

To foster public awareness of the contribution the construction industry makes to our community.

To encourage ethical conduct, good business practices, and professionalism among our members.

To be recognized as an organization that promotes to its members and the community as a whole the importance of responsible management of natural resources.


“1st Choice Housekeeping Inc. has greatly flourished due to the never-ending fountain of information, education, people and services that the KBA continually provides. We have acquired many new friends who share what has been tried, what works and how to resolve various issues that have or may arise.”

Carrie Tyler Bolz, Owner 1st Choice Housekeeping

“Tracking our website traffic with Google Analytics, as we do, we know that our KBA membership is paying off from the number of direct traffic hits we receive from the KBA website. Combined with the home shows and Remodel Kitsap magazine, the KBA provides us with valuable marketing opportunities which have translated into solid customer leads and signed project contracts.”

Molly McCabe, Owner A Kitchen That Works

“We just received our Q3 '11 remittance for the free BIAW Buying Power Member Rebate Program today. That was the easiest money we didn't really have to work for all year! This is a great program, very quick and easy to complete the paperwork (took about 15 minutes for 2 projects), and our rebate covers about half of our annual KBA membership dues. Thank you for a good program that pays you back!”

Ardi and Miriam Villiard, Owners Heritage Builders NW

“I had already decided which new computer I was buying and was thrilled to realize I could save almost $400 just by purchasing it through the NAHB Member Advantage program with Dell Computers.”

Karla Cook, Cook Construction on Dell Computers through NAHB Member Advantage

Peninsula Home & Garden Expo


May 5-7, 2023

Biggest and Best Home Show West of Seattle®

Welcome to the Biggest and Best Home Expo West of Seattle ™!

The Kitsap Building Association is proud to present the 2023 Peninsula Home, Garden & Remodel Expo on May 5-7, 2023. The Expo is celebrating over 40 years in Kitsap County.

With over 160 Exhibitors, the Peninsula’s largest and most trusted destination for all design and home improvement information, inspiration directly connects you with Kitsap and the Pacific Northwest Region industry leaders and trendsetters. The Weekend Seminar Series, Construction In Motion, The Lego Brand Building Challenge, Farmers/ Plant Market, Car & Motorcycle Show, and Food Court Event make this a fun event for all ages!



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